The Countdown Begins…

It’s less than a week away now. Departure day. Of course I’m panicking and running around like a mad person. I feel like there is sooo much to do before we head out. The packing part is easy, I’m not worried about that. It’s the little things I need to make sure to do before Sunday. Winterizing the house, getting the dogs’ vaccine records together, prepping the snowboards (yes, we are bringing our boards in case we decide to make a westward mountain trip), etc. I actually have a pretty big list, but won’t bore anyone with the details. One thing I’m bumming about today is the fact that I have to bring Miss Ruby Sapphire ‘back’. She’s the quirky chihuahua I haven’t been able to adopt out yet (in my spare time, I’m lucky enough to  foster dogs for the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society). I will be bringing her into to PAWS tomorrow, and she’ll be going home with a staff member who will be caring for her while I’m away. There is also a chance she could go into another foster home with a friend of mine. Major thanks go out to both of these ladies!

So now I am bouncing around trying to get everything done and giving Ruby some good love in between…

20121211-093452.jpg     curious ruby

nose     20121211-093428.jpg

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