Taking Our Time

AirForceSo we decided it was time to hit the road. Our plan was to leave tomorrow, but with the approaching rain and the fact that we were 98% ready to roll, we left this afternoon. Things were slow going. I realized I forgot a couple things and we headed home to pick them up. Making our way out of Philly and into Baltimore was a breeze. Not much to see, just your usual highway fare. However, we did have one slightly scary moment…

We are using my Garmin Nuvi to navigate our trip. It works great in a car but isn’t necessarily RV friendly. It will take you on winding back roads, over huge mountains, and bridges that are restricted. It will also, as we discovered today, take you through tunnels that you probably shouldn’t be going through. Long story short – we ended up traveling through the Baltimore Harbor tunnel. I’m not sure if it was legal, or not, but I’ll tell you something…it was pretty damn scary. I think we just cleared the sides and top. I have to give major props to Fran for FeetDashkeeping a cool head, I would have lost it. I’m not a big fan of tunnels to begin with, so driving through one in a big ass RV definitely isn’t my thing. Being a passenger was nail-biting enough as it was. But, we made it through unscathed and a bit wiser about our trip home. We will also be picking up a new GPS made specifically for RV’s. I’ll post my thoughts on it once we purchase one and have some time with it.

Things seemed like smooth sailing as we crossed the Virginia border. But, alas, we ran smack dab into some nasty traffic not long after. There was an accident on 95 that had 3 lanes blocked, 3 miles from where we were (gotta love new radio stations). We pretty much watched the sun set as we sat in traffic. It took us over an hour and a half to travel those measly 3 miles. When we finally passed the accident, I saw that it was only a fender bender, and while I was bummed about being behind schedule, I was glad no one was seriously hurt. Due to the setback, we scratched our plan to hit Richmond and decided to stay near Fredicksburg.

Virginia Traffic

More Virginia Traffic

The campground we stopped at is big and quiet, and we settled in and set up fairly quickly. Fran de-winterized the motorhome, while I cooked up a yummy spaghetti meal. The dogs ate their dinner, had kong treats, and passed out. Except for Ozzie. He wanted to eat Fran’s plate…

Ozzie Wishing He Was Human

After a day on the road, it’s time to relax by the (fake) fireplace and get toasty.


Tomorrow is another day on the road, taking us closer to our first destination…

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