Pitstop – Fayetteville, NC

South of the BorderWe made it to NC before nightfall on Sunday evening and decided to stay at a KOA outside of Fayetteville. I was pleasantly surprised at how well run and meticulously maintained this facility was. When we first arrived, Fran went into the office to register and came back with 4 doggy treats given to her by the staff. She said that they were “Super dog friendly here”, and that made me happy to hear. As we were escorted to our site (many KOA’s have staff that will ride in a golf cart to help you to your spot)Sunny Luke I noticed how nicely laid out the sites actually were. Each one had plenty of space, and it’s very own light post, a nice touch that made the campground resemble a little town once the sun went down. We have been to plenty of KOA’s that pack you in like sardines, where you can literally reach out and touch your neighbor, I’m happy to report that this wasn’t one of those places. Unfortunately, I take didn’t take many pics of the campground, but we may stop again on our return trip so I’ll be sure to snap some then.

The next day, Fran and I decided we would relax and spend another evening at the Fayettville/Wade KOA. It would give us time to go food shopping, hang out with the dogs, and unwind a bit before hitting the road again. We took the 4-pack for a nice stroll through the campground and found a nature trail. After hiking a bit through the woods, we looped around back into the KOA and found our way to the off-leash ‘dog park’ in the campground. It was nice and roomy for the fur-kidz to run around and have fun in. By the time we made it back ‘home’, they were pretty tired and were all snoozing away in minutes.

Dog Treats for All!

Dog Treats for All!

I Heart Nature Tails

Going This Way and That

Dog Park at the KOA


Agility Dog Wannabes

Tuckered Out After a Morning of Exploring

Tuckered Out After a Morning of Exploring

Our Site at the Fayetteville KOA

Our Site at the Fayetteville KOA

We had a great little pitstop in NC and are looking forward to another one on our return trip. We packed up and hit the road, headed towards Georgia. We will be staying in a state park over the next few days outside of Savannah and plan on doing some exploring in the city and surrounding area. Over and out, for now…

On a side note – I took some video of our journey on the road and the fur-kidz having fun, but unfortunately can’t upload at this time. The internet setup I am using is great for web surfing, pic uploading, and streaming device usage…but not so good for heavy file downloading/uploading. I am going to try to hit a hotspot in town today or tomorrow and see if I can get it up on here.

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