Georgia on My Mind

Our Trusty Touristy Map

Georgia is a state that I have been to many times. Actually, scratch that, and let’s start over. Georgia is a state that I have been through many times. And while I have stayed a few nights in the coastal state over the years, I had never actually done any ‘visiting’ during those times. It was always a pit stop, an overnight here and there while traveling through to reach other destinations. When I began planning this year’s trip, I asked Fran what was on her ‘destination list’, and she said that she’d like to check out Savannah. I did some research, found a quiet state park 20 minutes outside the city, and started checking out what there was to do in and around town.

We made it to Savannah without any issues. The only snag, if you want to call it that, was that, once again, our GPS routed us in a somewhat unpleasant way. Rather than take us around the small, but expansive city (with somewhat narrow streets and low hanging trees), it took us through it. I’m not sure why I’m even surprised at this point. I just know it is definitely time for the RV specific GPS.

The very narrow and winding campground road

The very narrow and winding campground road

Once through the city, we found our way to the gorgeous Skidaway Island State Park, our home for the next few days. This state park is a mere 20 minutes from Savannah, and quite a gem. It was a test of Fran’s skills getting the motorhome through the narrow, winding road (personally I think it resembled a pathway more than a ‘road’) and we eventually picked our spot. While they do take reservations, all sites are first come first served. But honestly, each one was roomy and private enough that I can’t imagine being disappointed no matter where we parked our home. We unpacked and settled in for the night with the fur-kidz.

Our Spot in the Park

Our Spot in the Park

The next day was a gorgeous. Sunny and in the low 70’s, you just can’t beat that! I had booked an ‘On and Off Tour’ in Savannah, so we jumped in the car and headed into town. We found the trolley company, picked up our tickets and away we went! The tour, if ridden through completely, took 90 minutes. We decided

Old Savannah Trolly Tour

Old Savannah Trolly Tour

that although you had the freedom to hop on and off at certain stops, picking up right where you left off, we didn’t want to jump off unless we saw something really interesting, or if we got hungry. We wanted to listen to the guide and take in the sights first, then come back a cruise around later in the day (you could stay on the tour in circles all day if you wanted to). Well, 20 minutes in and we were suddenly both starving. So we hopped off at the Cathedral of Saint John’s stop. I knew as soon as I saw it, I had to check out the inside. However, it was closed to the public till 12:30. Since it wasn’t even 12pm yet, we headed down the street looking for a lunch spot. We had to come back to pick the trolley back up, so I figured we’d check the church out then.

Doily placemat!

As we made our way down the streets, I noticed how clean the city was and how friendly the people were. Random strangers would always smile and say hello. I love visiting cities where the treat tourists like people, and not pests. Eventually we found our way to an art house/cafe. It was packed! But we were hungry, so we waited. And waited. And waited. Eventually, we sat down and were taken care of immediately. This place was pretty hip, full of bright colored walls and paintings a super tall industrial type ceiling,  mixed matched furniture, and doilies as placemats. Who doesn’t love doilies?! Fran got a grilled cheese sandwich with a bowl of tomato soup (it was huge!) and I got a grilled veggie panini (also huge). Everything was delicious and we gobbled it up super quick. Once we were full and ready to jet, we headed back to the cathedral.


As soon as I walked into the cathedral, I cursed at myself for not brining a tripod. Then I realized I was in a church…and shouldn’t be cursing. A nice woman greeted us at the entrance and gave us the low down on the structure. When it was built, when it was re-built, where the material came from, etc. She explained that the gold that way saw was indeed, real gold. The marble, real marble. You get the drift. It was fancy schmancy, with a huge organ, enormous stained glass windows, gigantic painting, incredibly high ceilings…it was a lot to take in. I tried my best to get some decent shots.


DSC_0122  DSC_0146


Once we were done admiring the cathedral, we hopped back on the trolley to tour the rest of Savannah. We had a different guide this time, and she was pretty darn

I'm Forrest...Forrest Gump

I’m Forrest…Forrest Gump

awesome. She had a unique sense of humor and made the tour very interesting. During the ride, we stopped at different locations and had ‘visitors’. The first one was Forrest Gump. He hopped on board thinking it was a trolley to someplace else, then realized he was on the wrong one. He chatted with the guide for a bit about this and that and how he wanted to buy a shrimping boat, and yadda yadda (sorry, I’ve never been a big Forrest Gump fan) and finally hopped off the trolley. Run Forrest, run!

Arghhh, I’m a Pirate!

After a bit of riding, picked up another visitor. A pirate. I like pirates. This particular pirate explained to us how back in the day, when liquor was a bit illegal, they had dug tunnels under his bar to sneak booze in. Pretty crafty. He also told us about the gentleman who wrote Treasure Island. He had penned it just a few houses up the street and gave them an original copy. It still hangs in the pirate’s bar, and we could come check it out if we wanted. Pretty cool.

The tour went on to quite a few different stops, and I tried my best to get some pics, but snapping shots out of a moving vehicle isn’t always that easy. All in all is was a great way to see the city and I’m glad we took the time to do the tour. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an easy way to take in the sights of Savannah. We headed back home, tired but happy, and prepped for our next day trip…Tybee Island! More to come on that later…





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    • I definitely should! They pointed out all things Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil during the tour. It’s on my list of things to read/watch now…

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