The Joy of a Shore Town

Who doesn’t love a quaint little shore town? I, for one, am a big fan. When I was researching things to do around Savannah, I noticed that Tybee Island was very popular. It’s located about 18 miles south of the city, offering a nice getaway for locals and tourists alike. We decided to check it out…

Beach Pier

It was a sunny, warm day, but a bit on the breezy side. We found our way to a strip of shops and restaurants, with a beach and pier adjacent to it. While many of the stores were closed for the season, there was still a handful of them open for business. Walking along the pier, I noticed a guy out in the ocean trying to catch some waves. Not much was happening, as the ocean was pretty calm. But he seemed pretty content to just hang out on his board. There were plenty of people along the pier, taking in the sights, snapping pictures, or trying their luck at some fishing. We noticed a super adorable older pair of women having a great time walking and enjoying the view. I’m not sure if they were sisters, best friends, or a couple…but I said to Fran “That’s us in about 45ish years.” Hopefully we both make it to that ripe old age.





We walked back onto the strip and stopped in for a bite to eat. Our meal, which we split was huge and delicious. Gotta love some good seafood when you are on the coast. After lunch, we headed over to check out one of the lighthouses. The entrance fee was a bit more than what we wanted to spend, and I really only wanted to get some shots from the ground, so we milled about outside. After a few minutes of picture taking, Fran pointed to the sky, showing me that a big storm was approaching. Time to get going!

Storm Time...

Storm Time…

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