A Change of Pace

It’s been over a week since my last post and I apologize to those family and friends who I left a bit in the dark after my vague “Our next stop is a surprise/stay tuned” comment at the end. We are all ok and still doing our thing, though our thing has changed a bit. Let me explain…

While in St Augustine, I did my usual daily checks of the weather. I always make sure to check conditions of where we currently are, the route we will be traveling in, and our next destination. While the forecast for the St Augustine kept getting better by the day, our next stop (New Orleans and then Dallas) was downright awful. They were having terrible storms, with heavy rain, wind, and dropping temps. It seemed like most of it would clear by the time we arrived, but the cold temps & rain would be sticking around for days and we would have to drive through the storms to get there. Not so fun. So…I decided to so a bit of rearranging.

Perfect Planning with Google Calendar

Perfect Planning with Google Calendar

First off, I’d like to say that I am incredibly head over heels for Google Calendar. I have been using it for a couple years now to plan trips and it is quite simply awesome. It allows me to visually see where I am headed to next, how long I’ll be there, what I’ll be doing there, and whatever else I want to add. You plug as little or as much info in and BAMO!, a delicious way to plan your travels (or life, work, school, etc.) It was especially useful when I began rearranging the trip. I was able to drag and drop plans/routes and see where everything could fit in. Awesome.

So I started to investigate what our options were if we moved NOLA around a bit, to maybe come in a week or so later than we had planned, and found we were up against something I had completely forgotten about. Super Bowl. The RV resort we had reservations for had no issues changing our arrival/departure dates (for a small fee of course), but they didn’t have anything available the week we wanted to change it to due to people coming into town for the game. So, I had do to a bit more rearranging…

Without writing a novel on every last detail, I’ll give the short(er) version. Rather than go up and into the crappy weather and wait around till after the Super Bowl, we decided to head back down south to Cape Coral. We didn’t want to stay at the Pine Island KOA again (too many no-see-ums, not much to do, etc) and since the state parks were booked, we changed things up and rented a house for a couple weeks. The last minute deals were way too good to pass up! We unpacked what we needed and then stored the RV. When we arrived at the house, we knew we made the right decision, and the dogs totally agreed. They spent the first two hours chasing each other around the vast, open floor plan and exploring every nook & cranny. As much as I love RVing, it was great to be able to s t r e t c h out, take a looong hot shower, and sleep in a king sized bed. The next day the weather was great, so we just lounged on the lanai and swam in the pool. Perfect. Fran decided to keep our change of plans a secret from her mom, and surprised her by showing up on her doorstep, saying… “We’re back!”.

So what happened with our plans for New Orleans and Dallas? Well, we decided that since Mardi Gras is right around the corner…we’d be a bit adventurers and move our stay into that week. Yep, we will be visiting during all the craziness of the holiday! Since we pushed things back so much, we had to scratch Dallas off our list. We have both been to TX before, so even though it’s a bit disappointing, we aren’t too upset about it. There is always next year!

While Cape Coral is no Key West (yes, I will keep bringing KW up, get used to it, ha!) it has been a good change of pace for us. The dogs are enjoying themselves, the weather is great, the house in awesome, the beautiful beaches are just a short drive away, and we both have family right around the corner. Speaking of weather, I am sending lots of warm vibes to all my Philly friends back home. I’ve been hearing that the temps are painfully cold, and I feel a bit guilty as I type this post out while sitting outside in shorts. Hope you all get a break from the freeze soon!!

Oh Boy...            Oh Yes

We will be heading up the coast in about a week, with a couple stops in northern Florida before we hit Louisiana. We are very much looking forward to our next adventure…I’ll keep you updated!!

Screen Friend  Night Swimming

Sunset on Ft Myers Beach  Palm

Pool Boy Luke

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