Oh Mother Nature, You Sexy Beast

Snowy FranWith just a couple of days left before our departure day, Mother Nature decided to do her thing, blanketing the area with snow. The white stuff wasn’t really a surprise to many Philadelphians, the meteorologists had been calling for snow since mid-week. However, the forecast called for just a dusting. A dusting, by definition, is a thin layer of snow. That’s not quite what happened…

The snow started around 11 am, coming down pretty heavily, and didn’t really let up until about 4pm. We had to jump in the car to head over to the AT&T store, about a mile and a half away, to replace my phone that Fran accidentally dropped and broke the night before (whooops!) It was pretty nasty on the way over and downright awful on the way back. I took the new camera out to grab some quick video…

One major plus about living in the city vs the suburbs is that during a snow storm you are still quite mobile and not forced to be stuck inside or attempt to navigate the treacherous roads. Once we returned from our trip we bundled up and walked down the block to grab some brunch at one of our favorite spots in town, For Pete’s Sake.

After our bellies were filled with deliciousness, we headed over to Gloria De Swedes to play in the snow and take some pictures. When all was said and done, this storm dumped a little over 6 inches on us.

Ozzie & Harry preferred to stay inside…

While many people consider us snowbirds, we aren’t opposed to some of the fluffy stuff now and then. Before we started traveling south for the winter we used to spend the cold months snowboarding on local (and some not so local) mountains.

Colorado Bliss, 2010

Colorado Bliss, 2010

And we were just saying the other day how amazing it would be if we got a decent storm before we headed out because we always miss the good ones while we are away. So, no complaints here! Thank you, Mother Nature, for that curve ball. It made an amazing snowy send off!

More Snow

More than a Dusting…

8 thoughts on “Oh Mother Nature, You Sexy Beast

    • And the snow is falling falling falling today. Can you believe it? Fingers crossed they do a decent job on the roads and we can still say ‘Peace Out PA’ tomorrow morning 🙂

  1. We watched the Philly football game yesterday….awesome, football at its best! We got caught last year leaving Colorado a little late and had to wait for a window. Hopefully you’ll be able to head out soon.

    • The game on Sunday was quite an event, Ingrid! They actually looked like they were having a a ton of fun in the wild weather. Hopefully the snow that is falling again today will all be cleared away by tomorrow and we can head out on time. One of these days I will have to pick your brain about mountain driving. We plan on heading west next year 🙂

      • Wow, more snow? Mountain driving especially in a state like Colorado should not be taken lightly. And it’s all about elevation. So whenever you’re ready, feel free to email me…..pick away 😆

        Hopefully you’ll get out of town soon!

      • Excellent, thanks for the email! We are looking for all the advice we can get when it comes to mountain driving. It seems so daunting but I know once we do it, in the proper way, it’ll be so worth the effort!

  2. Hey Girls! Hope you are having fun. Still jealous you get to see the sun and feel the warmth. Today it is 30 degrees! Saturday will be 60 degrees though. Fran we must discuss shows soon! Have fun!

    • Thanks Kerri! We are having a great time, definitely not missing the cold! It was a little chilly in Georgia the past few days but today we headed into Florida and it totally warmed up. Oh man, 30 then 60 in PA? Craziness! Hope all is excellent, I’ll make Fran come in with me when we get back (or we’ll do a drink(s) night!) so you two can chat shows! 🙂

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