Best Seats in the House

Front Row View

Front Row View

As I sit here trying to pull my thoughts together for a new update, a couple things are running through my head. First and foremost is my new blog goal – Post More, Write Less. What does that mean? Well, pretty much exactly what it sounds like. I have come to realize that I don’t post nearly as often as I’d like to and when I do things tend to get very wordy. So rather than go on and on about the details of combined weeks+ adventures, my new goal is to try and get updates in every few days or so. Will I actually stick with this new idea? Only time will tell…

The second thing rattling around my brain is a pretty simple thought. We are lucky ducks. Almost everyday, I catch myself thinking that, especially these past few days hanging out in the gorgeous area that we adore known as the Florida Keys. In particular, Bahia Honda State Park. While friends and family back home have been forced to take on the frigid air and constant snow, we have been relaxing in near 80° temps soaking up lots of sun and fun.

I don’t know how we ended up with such a great spot in Bahia Honda. It’s tough enough to actually get any spot at all, some folks try for years and don’t get in. Lucky. Ducks. Our site is on the water and happens to be quite roomy and pretty private. While we are right next to a boat channel and you aren’t technically supposed to swim in it, I have been able to take a dip in the water right at the edge. For swimming, we just head over to the closest beach (there are 3 in the park) which is a 10 minute walk away.

Our Spot

Our Spot

All of the beaches in Bahia Honda are gorgeous but I’d recommend the bayside beach, Calusa. It seems to have less seagrass washing up on it then the other two, there are pavilions for shade if the sun gets to be too much and it’s close to the campground. The beaches, like so many in the the FL Keys, are very shallow. So you could venture out pretty far from shore and still be only waist deep.

Calusa Beach

Calusa Beach

Old Bahia Honda Rail Bridge

Old Bahia Honda Rail Bridge

After relaxing in the sun and floating in the crystal clear water, why not head up onto the Old Bahia Honda Rail Bridge? There is an easy trail leading up to the bridge and once on it, you have a pretty decent birds-eye view the campground, beach and beyond. It is also amazing to venture onto at night for a fabulous view of the stars.

On Top Rail Bridge

On Top of Rail Bridge

View from Bridge, You Can See Our Rig

View from Bridge

The dogs are enjoying themselves immensely. Our spot is perfect for them to hang out off leash, exploring their surroundings in our site or just lounging and soaking up some sun.

Every evening we are treated to one of nature’s fantastic light shows, viewable right from our doorstep. Could it get any better than this?

Evening Sunset from Our Site

Evening Sunset from Our Site

We have about a week left in the park before we start our trek back home, sigh. We don’t plan on rushing back…there is still some steam left in this winter vacation!

8 thoughts on “Best Seats in the House

  1. It looks phenomenal, and heaven knows, you guys deserve it! We’re headed to the warmth as well tomorrow – and I don’t plan to complain one bit when it goes over 90.

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