Do We Have to Leave?!

Time Flies

Time Flies

It’s amazing how fast time flies when you are having a fun. I know the saying is over used, but there’s a reason for that…it’s because it is utterly true. It feels as though we just arrived in Bahia Honda a couple days ago, but in reality, it’s been two weeks. How did that happen?! I know some of you may be asking…if you love it so much, why don’t you just stay longer? Well, there are a couple reasons why that’s just not possible.

First and foremost is the fact that Bahia Honda is booked solid. Super solid. Thoroughly and completely solid. In fact, I did a search the other day to see when the next time something would open and, get this…there is ONE day and it isn’t until MAY! So yeah.

The next reason is that even if Bahia Honda had a spot open, Florida State Parks have a maximum stay of 14 consecutive days. So you can’t plop down in the same park and stay for the whole winter. Bummer.

And lastly? Well…it is simply time to head home. We have been on the road just shy of 2 months and would love to continue journeying, but alas, real life is calling. And by real life I mean work. Oh joy! We need to be home soon to get our business up and running because, believe or not, spring is (almost) right around the corner. But as I said before, there is still some vacation left on this trip.

But back to Bahia Honda, I just want to say that we had a truly amazing time. Sure there were a handful of nasty weather days (that’s been trend on this trip, right?), but the other half of the time was totally stellar. We snorkeled, hiked, kayaked, lounged, swam, and chilled. We also spent time in our favorite city Floridian city, Key West, where dined on delicious food and people watched for hours.



Cheap Beer and Lobster Roll

Cheap Beer and Lobster Roll

Sticky Buns from Old Town Bakery

Sticky Buns from Old Town Bakery

Pastel Clouds in Key West

Pastel Clouds in Key West

The dogs were thoroughly spoiled throughout the day and night, with plenty of walks and off leash time, which allowed them time to check out the area as well. They adored the amazing weather and were totally content to relax both inside and out.

We Don't Wanna Go!!

We Don’t Wanna Go!!

We were even able to fit in some (successful) geocaching this time around…

If you are slightly interested in what we saw on or trip to Looe Key, feel free to check out the super short video below. I apologize for the shaky camera, it was a bit rough out there on the water!

Thinking of making the trek to this great park for some camping? Here are a few measly ‘cons’ you may want to be aware of.

  • No sewer hookups. This is something we are used to, and our portable tank makes the lack of sewer less of a pain. But after about a week and a half, we were missing the luxury.
  • No cable lines and no antennae reception. I am not a fan of television, so this was no biggie to me…but it drove Fran a bit nuts. She tried for a couple days to pick up a signal but quit when we asked around and did some research. Unless you have satellite, you will be boob-tube-less for the duration of your stay. You just have to come up with other ways to entertain yourself!
  • Traffic noise from the highway. There is nothing that can be done about this. Overseas highway is the only major road running down the Keys, so you just learn to deal. It isn’t overwhelming and it quiets down after about 11pm.
  • The no-see-ums that come out in the morning before the sun has fully risen and just as the sun sets, ouchie!! Just stay indoors during those times or load up on bug spray!
  • Some sites have very little privacy. We got lucky with our super large and private site but saw many other sites that were nowhere near as awesome. But…you are in the Keys! So become friends with your neighbor and enjoy your stay!

    We'll (hopefully) Be Back Soon!

    We’ll (hopefully) Be Back Soon!

Despite these few negatives, when all is said and done…nothing can really top the beauty and serenity of Bahia Honda. We have stayed at other parks and RV resorts within the Keys and this has been our favorite so far. I am very sad to leave but happy to get on the road again. 14 days is the longest time we have parked our home yet so it definitely is good to feel the wheels go round & round again!

6 thoughts on “Do We Have to Leave?!

  1. So glad you all had a great time,and perfect weather! Your travel tales and Pics are awesome,and I really look forward to them.

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