Travel Tails is the story of two humans and their faithful furry companions roaming the US during the winter months, seeking adventure wherever their wheels take them…

Our Spot in NC KOA

Traveling is something both Fran and I have enjoyed for many years. As owners of a seasonal business, which we close for the winter months, we soon discovered we had the freedom to do more of it. Rather than board at a facility or recruit friends to watch our dogs, we wanted the ability to bring them on all of our trips. This was very important to us..they’re family too! After renting houses, staying in hotels, tent camping, time-shares, and the hospitality of friends, we discovered that we really liked the freedom to be able to what we want, when we want, on our own schedule, and at our own pace. So began our RVing travels.

Fran grew up vacationing in an RV. Her summers were spent journeying to different states in a 30′ camper with her mom, dad, brother, sister, and grandmother. My family vacations consisted mainly of the Poconos and Ocean City NJ. When we did travel, it was by car or plane (though there was one trip where we flew out to CA and took a 3 day ‘exploration’ train ride home) and usually to tropical locations (Bermuda, Bahamas). I had never been in an RV. That’s not to say I wouldn’t have wanted to travel in one, it’s just that the opportunity never presented itself. I did, however, go camping. A lot. And I loved it. So, somewhere in the back of my head, I knew I would (probably) love RVing. A few years ago we rented a unit and haven’t looked back since. After a couple years of renting and taking both short and extended trips, it was decided that we would take the leap start looking for one to call our own. We attended all the area RV shows over the past few years, browsing and learning. Finally, in the summer of  2012, we purchased our first motorhome. A 35′ foot Georgetown with an amazing floor plan. And, well, that takes up to present day…

Our Spot

Home Is Where You Park It

The goal of this blog is to share our adventures with you, the reader. Whether you know us personally, have just been following along as a fan or simply stumbled upon here for the very first time, we welcome and thank you for your curiosity and support. I find blogging to be a challenge at times. What rumbles around in my head and what tumbles out online aren’t always the same thing. But I enjoy and embrace the challenge of it and hope that you have as much fun reading and following along on our adventures!

Keep on keeping on!!

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